SIPs House Kits

SIPs are a tried and tested form of construction in the UK and accepted by local authorities, mortgage lenders and warranty providers. SIPs can be used for new builds, extensions and roofs and are manufactured off-site. These panels are then built on site which results in a quicker erection retaining a high quality. Another benefit of SIPs is that the panels are highly insulated and environmentally friendly.

Timber Frame

Timber frame house kits can be sourced from a manufacturer in ready made large panels or can be made by ourselves on site. These kits can be made in any size so can be adapted to fit perfectly in your space. With the weather that we experience in this area, a great benefit of timber frame kits is that the building can be weatherproof days after timber frame completion. This method of house building is highly insulated resulting in low heating costs. Timber Frame kits can be used for all types of buildings including residential sites, commercial buildings and extensions.